About Us

The SKLZ Sport-Brella's & outdoor furniture are ideal for use at the beach, at the park, at sporting events, when picnicking or even at the campground. Designed to protect you and your family from the sun, every Sport-Brella is lined with a UPF 50+ undercoat to block harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The Sport-Brella range of free standing and clip on versatile umbrellas, shades and shelters is designed and manufactured with our customers needs in mind: keeping you safe and protected while you enjoy the outdoors.

Being outdoors for long periods of time sometimes means that there is opportunity to sit. This could be at the edge of a sports field, at a barbeque, on the beach, or while fishing. There are countless opportunities to use a Sport-Brella beach chair.


Sportbrella is part of the global SKLZ brand - a company focused on providing the best, highest quality sports training accessories and aids. We pride ourselves on our unique, patentent products of the highest quality guaranteeing long lasting products that stand up to our customers needs.